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A qualitative exploration of the barriers and facilitators to the efficacy and implementation of alcohol screening and brief intervention in the school setting (SIPS JR-HIGH)


Dear Parent,

Your child’s school has recently sent you a text directing you to this website in order to access this information letter. I am writing to you about the SIPS JR-HIGH survey in which your child recently participated in this academic year.  As you may recall, the study was investigating whether young people would benefit from receiving advice during school time about their drinking behaviour and whether this advice helps reduce the harm caused by alcohol to young people.  Now that the first part of the study is complete, the researchers would like to interview parents to seek their views on the study.  

You have received this letter because we want to invite you to take part in a study interview.  Along with this letter, please click here to read a copy of the Research Information Leaflet (version 1.0 dated 11.03.2016) which provides further details about the interview, as well as contact details for the research team if you would like further information or to ask any questions about what is involved. Please read this leaflet carefully and take time to consider if you would like to take part in the study.  You may like to discuss taking part with family or friends before you make up your mind.

If you would like to take part in a study interview, please click here to complete the opt in/consent form. Once we receive your completed form, a member of the research team will arrange a suitable time for the interview.

Yours sincerely,


Professor Dorothy Newbury-Birch

Chief Investigator

After reading the information sheet, I WOULD LIKE to take part in an interview.