Page 1: Screen Society

Computers and portable devices have changed the way we live. The focus of this research is on how we conduct relationships through smartphones, computers, tablets and other interactive devices. We look forward to your responses regarding the importance of screens in your own life. There are clickable links in some of the questions; these will take you to relevant stories.

1.1. How often do you use the internet?
2.2. What type of activities consume your time online? (Tick all that apply)
4.4. We hear politicians and scholars telling us how smartphones, twitter, the internet and so on are addictive and that our behaviour is compulsive. What's your view?
5.5. Some argue that the internet can shake up gender roles, whereas others suggest it merely reinforces stereotypical gender views. What do you think?
11.11. Could you live without the internet?
12.12. Gender
13.13. Age

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